How to Improve Your Social Media Business Presence in Poland

Most content professionals or business owners fight hard for popularity on social media – getting retweets, likes, shares. But sometimes it’s not easy to get them. Having lots of fans is one thing, but real success is measured in their engagement.

There is no one definitive and best way to guarantee that more people will like your content, but if you plan it properly, you will maximize your chances of success. So what should you focus on when promoting your social media profiles?


A study by Poland Content, a company which specialize in social media marketing for businesses operating online in Poland, indicated that infographics get the most shares. Marketers have long known that audiences process visual content more easily than text. With infographics, they can use images in conjunction with text, making their impact even stronger than images or text content alone.

Interactive content

A growing number of companies are using interactive content to stand out in the online environment. Instead of simply consuming content, i.e. reading articles or watching videos, consumers can be engaged in an interaction and made to participate in a discussion. This is why online quizzes are so popular. People love to share and discuss their results. Use your social media posts to create quizzes, polls and surveys. This also shows that you care about your fans’ opinions and is a valuable source of information about your target audience. Certain industries, like Polish casino content will get the most benefits from this kind of marketing strategy, as players are eager to check and engage into such interaction.

Photos and videos

Adding images to a tweet is estimated to increase retweets by up to 150 percent. Image content is popular on all social media platforms, and completely visual communication channels are gaining popularity. This trend is growing rapidly, and experts estimate that by the end of 2022, most online will come from online videos – mostly from Youtube and Facebook.

Comments and discussion

Once you’ve successfully established a discussion on your profile, join in. Show that the company has its own views. Moreover as its representative, you can speak on many topics. Don’t just be a passive sender of content, but also talk to your potential customers and answer questions. This strengthens the bond between your company and your audience and reinforces the engagement of internet users. Be sure not to engage in topics that can hurt the reputation, especially political, or social issues that are controversial. Be an active part of your community, to let it thrive.

Entertaining content

While educational content is important, readers also expect to be entertained, at least occasionally. This is an easy way to stimulate engagement and get people discussing your profile. This one is kind of tricky, but fortunately, with the help from experts such as Poland Copywriting company, it might be not that hard, if you’re targeting this market. Entertaining content – funny pictures, an interesting video or a humorous article will not only interest Internet users, but also give your company personal touch, showing that you are not just a rigid and boring organization. Such content does not have to be directly related to the company’s products, but should be directed to the target audience.

Numbered lists

Numbered letters have always been popular in magazines and nowadays they dominate social media as well. If, on top of that, they will not only provide entertainment, but help your audience solve problems, all the better. An example of a good numbered list are articles like this one, where you enumerate certain things

Inspirational quotes

Social media posts containing inspirational quotes from famous people continue to be trendy and popular among users. Most people like to be inspired. Try to post quotes that best fit your target audience – there is a higher chance they will share. Also note that people prefer emotionally positive content to negative content. Positive messages spread better and are safer for your company’s image.  Just be sure, they’re not too cheesy or even fake as many of these are meme-level quotes that aren’t real!

Start building your Polish social media presence now!

Social media has the power to attract an audience and increase online conversations around your brand, but you need to focus on the topics your audience cares about most. The easiest way to succeed is to find what your customers want and try different social media channels and sites. Once you know what sites will be most effective, simply try the different methods described in this article. Building your online presence in Poland might be easier than you think, if you can find good partner.